update on the IPC 12 :: London

By Ryan Sandford-Blackburn, Strategic Communications Coordinator, Permaculture Association Britain

So far we have 82 people coming from across Europe (Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Ireland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Hungary and Portugal)!

We have the Conference programme online and are really pleased and excited! www.ipcuk.events/conference/programme
There will be over 130 presenters from around the world, in 28 sessions; the session range is intended to bring out the full range of permaculture applications.

For the Convergence there has been an astounding number of workshops offered (150+) with a wonderfully diverse range of subjects, representing people and projects from all over this beautiful planet. We are also designing in a number of workshop venues that will be running as ‘self managed’ workshop spaces throughout the event.

Could you share this latest update with your networks please?
An email to your mailing list, sharing with people in your area, posting in relevant groups on Facebook. It will all help to make this year’s IPC excellent. Getting a good number of people from across Europe to the IPC will help build momentum, develop our networks and grow permaculture across Europe.

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