Lush Spring Prize

xlogo-png-pagespeed-ic-v1w_zbmxtjAn opportunity for you to get your social and environmental project funded?

(a press release from Lush Cosmetics)

A new £200,000 Prize for projects working on social and environmental regeneration

  • Lush and Ethical Consumer Research Association launch the new Lush Spring Prize today, a £200,000 annual prize fund that aims to support projects around the world working towards environmental and social regeneration.

    Regeneration is key to moving livelihoods and economies beyond the sustainable, to revive damaged environments by putting back more than what’s taken out.

    The Lush Spring Prize aims to support a shift towards doing things differently; affording more people the resources and the opportunity to do so.

    The Prize will award funds annually to those who are engaging in the process of regeneration in the following four categories:

    Intentional Projects (£50,000) – backing for great ideas in the early stages

  • Young Projects (£75,000) – projects 1-5 years old seeking to grow
  • Established Projects (£50,000) – beacons demonstrating success and withstanding the test of time
  • Influence Award (£25,000) – lobbying or campaigning to influence policy or public opinion in support of regeneration

A diverse panel of judges will meet in March and winners will be awarded their prizes at a high-profile event in May 2017.

Nominations are welcomed from anywhere in the world.

Note: Nominations opened on December 5th and will close on February 28th 2017. Nominations are welcomed from anywhere in the world, though this year the website only contains information in English.

The website contains more details about the prizes as well as application forms and background information.

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