Because Water is Life

by Aline Van Moerbekee

PermaMed is excited to be involved in yet another project that provides solutions to real and urgent problems, S’Aigo Mallorca. Water is Life. There is no two ways about it. We need Water to survive, and right now we are seeing shortages crop up around the world (California, South Africa…) as well as on Mallorca too. It’s common enough to have the taps turned off in summer for all but a couple of hours per day, whilst tourism is churning on and whilst ever more pools are being built, wells are being drilled, inhabitants are staying year round.

S’Aigo Mallorca” is a newly founded interdisciplinary project that provides specific and practical solutions for the rehydration of the Mallorcan territory, using the Permaculture design process and techniques based on its ethics and principles.

We present a holistic approach to Water management and will be working in the areas of education and capacity development in addition to offering services to the private sector. With examples implemented in various demonstration sites and clear intervention lines documented we aim to enter into dialogue with the public sector both locally and on a bioregional or even global scale.

We frame our actions within the Vision of an Integral Management of the element Water and wish to place it back at the base of the delicate ecosystem of the island for the balance to be restored.

Our Mission is to rehydrate Mallorca’s territory to improve its resilience in the face of future episodes of drought and other phenomenons coming our way that are provoked by Climate Chaos. We aim to do this by promoting the installation of natural domestic water purifying plants as well as natural swimming pools both in private homes and hotels, by demonstrating the “slowing, spreading and sinking” of water using regenerative agriculture and analog forestry techniques, and by organizing workshops, conferences and training on the topic of the Integral Water Cycle.

Because Water is Life.  

If you want to hear Aline Van Moerbeke of S’Aigo Mallorca talk about this pilot project as well as other activities PermaMed is involved then, you can listen to the podcast of an interview of her by Glynis German on Mallorca Sunshine Radio (Just Glynis, dated 04/03)