Training course: Living in harmony within a community

Date(s) - 29/04/2020 - 03/05/2020
All Day


from April the 29th to May the 3rd 2020

Dordogne, France

Design and facilitation of collective projects according to the permaculture approach

In French & English

This training course will allow you to discover the tools and methods necessary to successfully integrate a meaningful community. First, you will become aware of your own dreams, needs, skills, and limits. Then we will discuss how to define the vision, the values, the needs, the decision making strategies of a community. And how to harmoniously meet your needs and those of the community.

Permaculture tools adapted to personal or collective design, allow to have a holistic vision, to create synergies, and apply principles from the observation of ecosystems to create abundance in your life.

To manage the design of your collective projects, we will use the “design web” method of Looby MacNamara, a design tool based on 12 anchor points, each focusing on a different element in order to build a detailed and holistic diagram. It helps to realise where we want to go and how. It is used for a wide range of individual and collective concepts.

We will also use the Viable System Model, a method to structure a collective project

We will get inspiration from understanding the essential functions that make ecosystems thrive to help us design the coordination, navigation and facilitation of our projects.

This training is also an opportunity to share your vision with other participants and meet people who are in the process of co-creating resilient eco-communities.

The steps we will follow during the training course :

Connection to Nature:

Take a step back from your environment and reconnect with Nature

Observe Nature, its ecosystems, meditate, recharge your batteries

Discover the principles, ethics and design tools of permaculture

Take inspiration from Nature to connect with yourself and others

Connection to oneself:

Express what is vibrating within yourself

Observing yourself, defining your values, finding your life mission to give meaning to your actions

Be aware of your needs, skills, resources and limits

Connect to your body, your dreams and your heart

Find a holistic lifestyle and balance

Connection to others:

Establish a common vision that is both rooted and flexible

Define the values, principles and strategies on which a collective project is based

Cultivate richness of diversity 

Develop tools to bring more resilience, ethics, fluidity within collective projects

Experiment participative methods to facilitate group dynamics within the community

Cultivate individual and collective happiness 

Facilitation team:

Bernard Joseph,

Benjamin Burnley,


Normal price: € 465

Reduced price: € 315 (for people without income)

Solidarity price: 630 €

Facilitateur de méthodologies participatives
Formateur de permaculture humaine
06 58 30 28 63