Training course: “Life Design” – Find your inner and outer balance using Social permaculture design tools

Date(s) - 15/02/2020 - 22/02/2020
All Day


15th to the 22nd of February 2020

@ the eco place Point Soleil, Ariège, France 

It is a call to realize one’s life mission supported by the tools of social permaculture, the work that reconnects, and the hero’s journey.

This training is an invitation to take time to connect with oneself, one’s dream, and to design the life one wants to live.

The “life design” method uses the permaculture design tools and different methods to calm down, observe, identify your resources. Be aware of your patterns and limitations and understand your needs and your potential

It is a process that allows you to have an overview of the elements of your life, your activities, your relationships, to understand the interactions and to ask yourself the question: “does the life I live make me happy? “.

Using Joanna Macy’s “The work that reconnects”,we delve deep into our inner world and very quickly get to the heart of what drives us. We get to see we are not alone in having these feelings, which helps us to be more self assured, and connected to others.

“Through the connection to nature you will connect to your nature.”

The “Hero’s journey” is another analysis tool to see where you are on your journey in life. It will give you clarity on what challenges lie ahead, so you can find allies and tools to support you through your amazing journey.

Learning permaculture principles and methodologies facilitates the creation of synergies between your relationships and activities and fully live your dream, with more personal ethics and benefit for the world.

The dream and its visualization are the foundation of a project. We will offer workshops to understand and feel what makes you thrive, and better visualize, express, materialize and live your dream.

The different collective workshops and rituals will connect you to yourself, others and nature. They enable you to realize some blockages, to transform them to be able to connect to your essence.


facilitation team:

Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”

Benjamin Burnley


the venue:

A true haven of peace in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees, Point Soleil offers an ideal setting for meeting and rejuvenating.

Former diocesan center, Point Soleil is a place of meeting and sharing on the interactions between Man, the collective and nature with the purpose “awake and transmit”.


Normal price: 450 €

Solidarity price: 650 € to give the opportunity to people with low incomes to participate.

Reduced price: 250 € for people with low incomes, a reduced rate place is available when a person pays the solidarity price, and when 4 people pay the normal price.