Sociocracy – Collaborative community decision making in practice – Online Course

Date(s) - 11/04/2021
08:00 - 12:30


A practical workshop on sociocracy.

April 11th, 18th, 25th & May 2nd 2021
9am to 1:30pm UK time

Want to work more effectively in groups?
Make better decisions together?
Promote transparency and accountability?
Empower the individual within your organisation and strengthen democratic governance?
Get your business/company/community group ready for a changing world?

Discover Sociocracy ~ the elegant and effective way to dynamically manage organisations ~ with Rakesh “Rootsman Rak”


Sun 11th April 2021
Sun 18th April 2021
Sun 25th April 2021
Sun 2nd May 2021

9am to 1:30pm UK time
10am to 2:30pm CET


Sociocracy has had 100 years of experience in collaborative working, starting in schools. It has 66 years experience of creating collaborative working businesses. It has now been unleashed into the wider world and is quickly being picked up by social activists, eco villages, co-housing projects, and various socially minded community groups and projects.

At the core of this workshop is how to efficiently make clear collaborative decisions. Sociocracy allows us to collaboratively make a clear visions of where we all collectively want to go, and then gives us a systematic way to efficiently get there (in a way that everyone can quickly agree to).

In sociocracy every one has an opportunity to express themselves, so its not just the loudest person who gets their way. Hence there is no room for people with vested interests, , but instead it is based on quickly getting to a decison that everyone can consent to.

The workshop will be experiential, so you will be encouraged to find the solutions yourself through a series of pertinent questions in groups and pairs, which will make walking through the solutions more understandable and meaningful.

We will give you a practical experience of implementing sociocracy. We will look at the pitfalls and common problems that occur when making collaborative decisions. We will then explore how socioracy overcomes these issues. Throughout the workshop we can build a project, which could be for your real project (if there are enough members of your project present). You’ll understand why Sociocracy is so effective in helping organisations become more sustainable and dynamic, and you’ll develop transferable skills you can apply within your groups, organisations and relationships!


This workshop is for everyone who want to work more effectively and transparently in groups and make better decisions together.
Ideal if you are an existing group/project/organisation and want to implement sociocracy
Often groups that adopt sociocracy well are
– Co-housing projects
– Community food growing projects
– Transition towns
– Communities of practice


Rakesh Rootsman Rak

Rakesh is an experienced low impact living designer and teacher from the UK, specialising in community resilience, permaculture, creating food forests and low maintenance food growing systems. He has worked as an advisor to several community projects in London and throughout Europe and has taught in many countries around the world. Rakesh has turned his dyslexia to his advantage by developing a talent for observation and hands on learning and teaching methods. At a young age he established a successful computer consultancy and, after achieving financial independence, acquired skills as a homeopath and yoga teacher which he put to use in Ananda Marga humanitarian relief projects in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Along with Permaculture Rakesh focuses on the human skills of communication and planning so necessary for successful communities.

=== ONLINE ===

The session will be online (zoom) and will be recorded and made available as a private video for all attendees


The course is by a fairshare hybrid donation. This is how Rakesh makes his livelihood, so we need to meet his needs, but his attitude is to be flexible enough to allow people with different income streams to be able to attend. Hence we encourage people to give whatever they can afford.

Normally this course would be £120 to £150, but in this case we feel an idea amount could be somewhere between £40 to £120. Average of £60 to £100 would help to meet all our needs.

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Sociocracy is a system of governance, using consent-based decision making and an organisational structure based on cybernetic principles. Sociocracy was developed as a new method of governing businesses, but it has also been adopted in many different kinds of public, private, non-profit, and community organisations as well as in professional associations.
Consent as defined and practised in sociocratic organisations is claimed to be a more efficient and effective decision-making method than autocratic decision-making because it protects the ability of each member and unit of an organisation to work toward the aim effectively. In the end this decision-making method builds trust and understanding, even though its objective is to reduce friction and facilitate effective action. The consent process educates the participants about the needs of the other members in doing their work effectively.
The well-defined, information-based, and highly disciplined decision-making process helps organisations stay focused and move swiftly through examining an issue and making decisions. The feedback structure between circles and the involvement of all members of the organisation in the policy making process ensures a united organisation.
Sociocratic principles are now applied around the world in corporations, small businesses, nursing homes, colleges, ecovillages and cohousing communities, religious organisations, private schools, and international professional and educational membership organisations