Lockdown Food Resilience – Design your own low maintenance vegan food growing space

Date(s) - 13/03/2021
13:00 - 16:00



Have access to some land (small or large, back garden, front garden, allotment, community garden).
Want to grow food in a low maintenance or high maintenance way and need some help.

In this 10 part workshop we’ll walk you through
– Making a map of your land
– Understanding your plots strengths and weaknesses
– Identifying resources that will help make your land fertile
– Choosing and combining the right plants for you
– How to design continuous fertility into your landscape

By the end of this course you will have designed a simple but effective food growing system. You will be part of a network of people who will then support you to implement your design

==== DATES & CONTENT ====

13 & 14 March What is permaculture + gathering information for the design
20 & 21 March Analysing your plot (including water management and soil conditions)
27 & 28 March More on soil regeneration, choosing the right plants and an introduction to forest gardening
3 & 4 April Finalising your design and how to implement
TBC: Follow up on help with the implementation and adjustments (Dates of these final days will be confirmed during the course according to the needs of the students)

==== DURATION ====

The course will be 3 hours per day, with an extra half hour at the end which is optional. This optional extra half hour could include some additional info, Q&A and recaps.

We will also help you to organise support groups, so you can keep in regular contact to help each other during the design and implementation. This will be done in your own time if you wish to do so.

Sessions will be from 1pm to 4pm (UK time) on Saturdays and Sundays

So if you miss a session or want to recap the session, they will be available for you to look at. They will remain available for you to look at indefinitely (so you can watch them again years later).


Payment by conscious contribution meaning whatever you can afford.
There is no fixed cost, it is up to you to offer a conscious contribution depending on what you can afford and what you feel is right to honour the time, skills and knowledge of the teachers. An average of £20 per session would be ideal, but anything from £5 per day to £40 per session would be acceptable. If £5 per session is too much (i.e. £50 for all 10 sessions), then please contact us so we can find an alternative solution.


==== THE TRAINER ====

Rakesh is an experienced permaculture teacher and low impact living designer from the UK, specialising in community resilience, permaculture, creating food forests and low maintenance food growing systems. Rakesh has been designing and teaching permaculture to individuals and communities since 2009, and has taught over 300 permaculture, forest gardening, eco village design and related courses. His design portfolio ranges from a forest garden on part of a 30-hectare ecovillage in Croatia that he co-owned through to many urban community food growing gardens, private farms and back gardens as well as designing collaborative businesses, urban water retention systems and even computer software and documentation systems. Along with Permaculture Rakesh focuses on the human skills of communication and planning so necessary for successful communities. He is one of the co-founders of the Children in Permaculture project, Youth in Permaculture project, the Roots n Permaculture Learning Community and the Roots n Resilience skills share project. So be prepared to go off on inspirational tangents occasionally.