Certified Permaculture Design Course in Greece

Date(s) - 20/06/2022 - 02/07/2022
00:00 - 23:59


A permaculture design seminar (PDC) by permaculture trainers Christos, Costas Kontomanos, Annachiara Bucci, Christos Karystinos and Costas Latoufis from New Guinea at the permaculture estate in Nessona, Larissa (COB farm) at 6/6. An intensive 12-day seminar that will cover all topics of permaculture and will enable participants to learn how to design estates, landscapes and organizations based on the principles of permaculture.

Permaculture is an applied design science inspired by David Holmgren and Bill Mollison that aims to regenerate natural and social systems through the efficient management of available resources. Permaculture is widely used worldwide as one of the keys to tackling climate change and as one of the most successful methods of sustainable cultivation. Permaculture design (PDC) seminars, 72 teaching hours of practice & theory are the way proposed by the founders of the method for the dissemination of permaculture so that one can delve holistically into the design based on permaculture.

This seminar is especially addressed to designers and architects and those who want to design regenerative systems, growers who want to go to a regenerative way of cultivating the land, to people who are interested in a collective or individual transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, to those who are already working on resource management (energy, water, soil) for new ideas and tools and those interested in living an intense permaculture experience on an estate that already applies many of its principles.

Seminar Topics:

Introduction to Permaculture
Design principles, ethics of Permaculture
Patterns of nature in Permaculture design
Climate & Mediterranean Permaculture (emphasis on the Mediterranean climate)
Water management (Rain harvest, keylines, etc.)
Soil and compost, Mycology
Energy & suitable technology
Seeds & seed storage
Zone design
Animals on the farm
Edible forests and market gardening
Combined Agroforestry
Social Permaculture (KYGEO, Oikohoria, Zone 00)
Non-violent communication & Socialism
Natural construction
Waste management (gray water, composting toilets, etc.)
Natural lakes
Implementation of design in groups