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Permaculture Design Course Bolsena (IT)

Facilitated by John Button, Francesca Simonetti and Marguerite Kahrl, mentoring by Rosemary Morrow with guests presenters for specific themes.

Course convener, Accademia Italiana di Permacultura Held as an edge event to the European Permaculture Convergence (EUPC), Bolsena, Italy

August 22nd to September 4th, 2016

Permaculture – linking people and place

This internationally-certified Permaculture Design Course introduces the remarkable potential of Permaculture to address a broad range of issues, most obviously environmental (garden, farm, apartment or landscape), but no less significantly, social and financial contexts. The course follows the full curriculum, determined by over 40 years of observation and application, essential to enable a wise and comprehensive understanding of design.
It explores all the theoretical and philosophical themes involved, as well as practical activities and demonstration exercises to integrate and clarify this complex integrated design system. Since the concepts for creating such designs are broad and numerous, this course uses a maximum diversity of practical examples to clarify concepts and enable participants to adapt to diverse climates, landscapes and social situations.

Course fee

€700 Covers the fees for tutors, site and materials for the workshop. Participants may be eligible for a grant, to understand more contact your national Permaculture organisation to understand if they received the Erasmus + funding for a grant towards the course and costs.

Your fees include

Inspiration, awareness, empowerment and knowledge. A transformed perception of the world and your part in it. Digital resources including course notes and diagrams. An internationally-recognized Permaculture Design Course certificate. Friends, fun and experience and a free copy of Permaculture Magazine.


You can bring your own tent and pay only 5,50€ per night or share bedrooms (bungalows for 4) at the same 5,50€ per night but there are limited places (pay directly at camping site upon check in). Delicious and nutritious Italian and vegetarian food: self serve breakfast, dinner, lunch, and morning and afternoon tea breaks for max 25€ per day.
You must book your own lodging at the campground, which will offer PDC participants a special rate. We will provide details to course participants. WiFi included.

Info & registration


Questions & contact

pdc.eupc [at] gmail [dot] com, +39 340 938 4932

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