PDC 2012 :: Statia Economy of Happiness

: 1 May 2012 – 22 May 2012

Date: 10 – 31 July

Location: Congo Preserve, Statia — Oranjestad, Sint Eustatius

From the Comenius – Grundtvig Training Database reference number NL-2012-273-002.

A new Aardwerk PDC course in a 3-week tropical island format. A unique opportunity for Europeans to get up close and personal with the challenges of tropical climate, limited resources and the realities of a shrinking world economy. In a relaxed and exotic location in the Dutch Caribbean. Historically significant for the development of European and US affluence and economic power in the Golden Age, Sint Eustatius (Statia) is a place to rediscover both the past and future of prosperity  & happiness in a world with material limits.

This is an opportunity to meet people from all over Europe under the inspiring guidance of a team of local experts and internationally experienced permaculturists like Fransje de Waard, Claudio Madaune, Mauricio Deliz, John Button and others.

Through educational tourism, Aardwerk lays the foundation for sustainable development of island self-sufficiency. Your contribution (in much valued cash, inspiration and labour) will kickstart a permanent school for permaculture with free programmes for local residents of Statia.

Your money will also contribute to the reforestation of Statia through the planting of fruit trees, timber and the propagation of wild native tree species.

For more information and registration see the Aardwerk web site.

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