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We invite your organization to join the European* Permaculture Network!
(* We are referring to Europe as a geographical entity rather than the European Union.)

In 2016, we founded the European Permaculture Network (EuPN), with 21 Organizations from across Europe joining.
Aspiring members should be aware of the Vision, Mission and Aims of the EuPN, and of its Principles and Structure and should have discussed the stept to joining EuPN with its Board of Trustees / Committee / Steering Group / members. This step should be recorded officially in the organizations minutes.
After this, please fill in the form below!

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On this first page, please enter the contact details of your organisation. On the following 2 pages, we’ll ask you for contact details of your EuPN-delegate and your EuPN-back-up person.

Is it OK for EuPN to list your organisation in our public directory on the EuPN website?
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Next please register the usual delegate for your organisation.