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First EUPC 21 Speaker and Project Announcements

#EUPC21 will celebrate the work of permaculture across Europe. We will learn together, make new connections, and grow the network that is tackling some of the biggest challenges of our time. Our ten day programme has something for every permaculture practitioner from how to grow your garden to how to transform your city, and whether you can attend one session, or all ten, you are very welcome to join us this October. We have sessions to suit complete beginners and the most experienced designers too, so tell your colleagues and bring your friends.

We’re now delighted to make our first announcement of speakers and projects from across Europe!. Contributors will be taking part via a mix of live interactive broadcasts and pre-recorded sections.

We have an exciting and diverse line-up building, of both experienced and core permaculture teachers and practitioners and some wonderful fresh content from associated networks:-

  • Kate Raworth, UK (Doughnut Economics) – Doughnut Economy and the DEAL Platform
  • Rob Hopkins, UK (Transition Network) – Resilient communities with permaculture and transition
  • John D. Liu, China & USA (Ecosystem Restoration Camps)
  • Morag Gamble, Australia (PermaYouth)
  • Stephan Schwarzer, Germany – Regenerative Agriculture, New approaches in Germany and beyond
  • Declan Kennedy, Germany (Co-Founder, European Permaculture Network) – Story of permaculture in Europe
  • Sigi Tatschl, Austria – Edible Communities
  • Daniel Mello-Mattos, Brazil & Portugal – Climate Design
  • Luiza Oliviera, Spain – Inclusivity and Decolonization
  • Maddy Harland, UK (Permaculture Magazine) – Youth in Permaculture Prize
  • Martin Stengl, Germany – Straw Bale Buildings and Ecovillages
  • Juan Pedro Franco, Spain (La Casa Integral) – Upping food sovereignty in urban areas
  • Martin Hollinetz, Austria (OTELOS) Open Technology Laboratories – Innovation hubs for communities
  • Looby Macnamara, UK (Cultural Emergence) – Social Permaculture and Cultural Emergence
  • Susannah Hall, UK (Permablitz London) – The Permablitz approach to creating home and community gardens
  • Julia Soler, Leonie Woidt-Wallisser, Ann Doherty – Spain, Germany, Holland (City Plot) – Growing Edible Cities
  • James Atherton, Greece (ReAlliance) – Permaculture response to the refugee crisis
  • Max and Teresa Mai, Austria (WohnWagon) – What needs to change in the construction industry?
  • Lusi Alderslowe, UK (Children in Permaculture)
  • Eddie Brown, Spain (Youth in Permaculture) 
  • Julio Cantos, Spain (PermaMed) – Permaculture design in education centres and schools
  • The Permaculture Crisis Management Group, Belgium – Permaculture for refugees in Northern Europe
  • Mas Les Vinyes, Spain – Cooperative farm schools and CSAs

Please note, the main language of EUPC 21 will be English, with some translation and some events in other languages. We will be offering language support for those not fluent in English. Details TBC.

EUPC21 is co-hosted by the Permaculture Association (Britain) [www.permaculture.org.uk], Permakultur Austria (permakultur.at), Permacultura Íbera (permaculturaibera.org), Permacultura Mediterránea (permamed.org), International Permaculture Education Network (https://www.permaculture.org.uk/ipen), Permaculture CoLab Translation Circle and Digital Circle (perma.earth), International Permaculture Convergence Council (https://internationalpermacultureconvergence.org/) and Domingos de Permacultura (www.facebook.com/groups/Domingos.de.Permacultura), on behalf of the European Permaculture Network (https://permaculture-network.eu/).

You can visit the EUPC website at www.eupc.community and book tickets via https://www.crowdcast.io/e/eupc2021/register.

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