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EuPC13 :: Italy 2016

Save the date: 7th to 11th September 2016


Location: Bolsena (VT, Italy), Bolsena lake.

Organiser: Accademia italiana di permacultura organizes and designs all this.

Side events: Probably we consider the possibility to do also a PDC course before the EUPC and in parallel or just after a TEACHERS Training Course.

Permaculture: A Living Community

The topic of EUPC 2016 is “Permaculture: A Living Community”.
The key words of the event are going to be:

·      Ethical principles
·      Being/Living
·      Existing Community
·      Devising the Present

Many speakers are going to be invited to the Event and they are going to share their expertise about Permaculture with a large audience. These panelists are going to talk about the essential topics of Permaculture, how human interventions impact natural habitats, the “Holy Economics” and the tradition of giving presents, the character of “community builder”, the lifestyle of Italian experts of Permaculture – being either scholars or simply dedicated to Permaculture but not owning a specific education on that.

Moreover, several activities allowing the “creation of community” are going to be organised (i.e. lab sessions, archaeological labs, Restoration labs, lake fishing, folk music and dances, circuses for kids etc.).

The organisation of an event has its roots in the previous EUPC editions: the 2016 edition has indeed its roots in the International Permaculture Convergence taking place in London in September 2015

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