European Project News – iACT, CCC & BLAST

European Project News – iACT, CCC & BLAST

EUPN members are participating in at least three Erasmus+ funded partnership projects, within a total of around 20 partner organisations from across the permaculture, regeneration and transformative education movements in Europe. The iACT project is focused on creating and strengthening a collaborating European network of learning and demonstration projects in the permaculture and regenerative sustainability…

Nordic Permaculture Academy

In 2021 a new Nordic collaboration starts up, The Nordic Permaculture Academy. With two diploma holders from Denmark, Cathrine Dolleris (, Karoline Nolsø Aaen ( and two from Sweden Andreas Jonsson and Maria Svennbeck ( The aim of the NPA is to promote and assist skilled Permaculture Designers through mentoring and accreditation of the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. The website is still under construction,…

A few updates from Permakultura CS

There are two new translated publications for free download on our website: A Consensus Handbook and The Agroforestry Handbook. The Academy of Permaculture is preparing a few spring courses in Czech and an Introduction to Permaculture in English course in Prague with Katka Horáčková (a new head of our organization).Time: 27. 3. 2021 09:00 – 28….