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After some discussion about our yearly nationwide permaculture conference being move to online format, we have decided to simply postpone it for the next year, as the main objective for people to attend is always an in-person contact (which was made impossible by the pandemic). So the conference theme, “Appropriate technologies” is being saved for…

New Online learning platform
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New Online learning platform

By Jemma Findley The Permaculture Association Britain has started discussions around commoning its online learning platform. Testing of its first ‘Foundations of permaculture – Design for Resilience’ online course is already underway but planning how the platform and its future resources will be collectively managed by permaculture educators has just begun. The platform will launch before September this year and many educators…

EUPN Next steps

We are currently planning a smaller meeting to develop the next phase of the EUPN, more details in the next issue. We are considering an online summit next year. If anyone has experience/ideas or motivation to get involved, please contact us. Valerie Seitz (on behalf of EUPN)Permakultur Austria – Leitung Akademie www.permakultur-austria-akademie.at