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EuPC 2014, Batak, Bulgaria

The European Permaculture Convergence (abrv. EuPC) is a bi-annual gathering of Permaculture practitioners, teachers and enthusiasts representing the all countries and bioregions of the European continent and beyond. The decision to host the EuPC 2014 in Bulgaria was made following a meeting of the European Permaculture Teacher’s Partnership (EPT) in Vale de Llama, Portugal. The…


update on the IPC 12 :: London

By Ryan Sandford-Blackburn, Strategic Communications Coordinator, Permaculture Association Britain So far we have 82 people coming from across Europe (Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Ireland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Hungary and Portugal)! We have the Conference programme online and are really pleased and excited! www.ipcuk.events/conference/programme There will be over 130…

EuPC13 :: Italy 2016
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EuPC13 :: Italy 2016

Save the date: 7th to 11th September 2016 EUROPEAN CONVERGENCE EUPC 2016 Location: Bolsena (VT, Italy), Bolsena lake. Organiser: Accademia italiana di permacultura organizes and designs all this. Side events: Probably we consider the possibility to do also a PDC course before the EUPC and in parallel or just after a TEACHERS Training Course.