Communication & Image

Current Activities

  • Empowering internal and external communication.
  • 2019: focusing the website on communication with the public.

General Activities

  • Technical and editorial maintenance and development of the website, newsletter and backend systems of the domain.
  • Passing on incoming questions to relevant working groups.
  • Helping other working groups with communicating through our domain.

Group members

Cahtrine Dolleris
Cathrine is responsible for the bimonthly EuPN newsletter. She is dedicated to regenerating life supporting systems in nature and in society. She teaches permaculture, runs a LAND centre and is a diploma tutor.

Volkmar Geiblinger
With Background as Film Producer and Cameraman he started gardening on his balcony in Vienna, Austria and soon found a keen interest and hobby in it. In 2013 He has completed a PDC with Fraser Bliss and in 2015 a 1 year education with Josef Holzer. In 2016 he and his wife Nicole purchased a 4 ha Farm in the Austrian Alps at 720 m altitude slowly turning it into a Homestead Regenerative Farming and Education Center.

Leo Bakx
Leo has a background in teaching and graphic design. He has been involved in the communication aspects of European permaculture. Supporting the Permaculture Council for Europe, European Permaculture Teachers project and the European Permaculture Network. He is web site editor and administrator.

Dominik Jais is a professinal webdesigner with 10+ years experience in delivering web-design & -development excellence.

He is currenlty on his path for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design which he hopes to finish in February 2021.

Help welcome

Currently we are looking for support with developing pragmatic and appropriate alternatives to the ubiquitous commercial cloud services and social media.

If you want to donate some time or resources to the working group, please contact: comms [at] permaculture-network [dot] eu

Social Media & Permaculture

Given the strong ethical image that permaculture design philosophy aims to project, the so called Social Media present a fascinating conundrum that we need to address at some point.

Internet: the good news

The roll-out of Internet has transformed our society and empowered anybody with the means to do so to connect with anybody else on the Internet. It’s enabled communities of interest to stay in touch over global geographical and cultural distances. It’s enabled almost instant mobilisation of activist people on any geographical scale to respond to any kind of challenge and gather critical mass to influence government and corporate agencies. Continue reading “Social Media & Permaculture”

Spread the Good News

Organising courses and Events?

We regularly receive requests from members of our network to spread announcements of courses, workshops and other events. Obviously that is an important function that the network can perform.

We have a website that enables us to bring news to the attention of a huge audience. It’s a great tool, provided we use it properly. One of the advantages over printed media is that we can use the computers that make up a big part of the system to help us in gathering, processing and republishing the information about events. There’s even a name for that: syndication or in computer-speak: RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

Recently a special version of RSS was developed: ESS or Event Standard Syndication. As you can guess from this name: it’s specifically for spreading information about events.

The idea is that the organiser of an event publishes all the information about their event on their own website and then ESS takes care of spreading that information to other websites – automatically. This also means that the organiser is in full control of what information is spread and when. It enables automatic updates, when things change, like a change in date or venue or speakers.
It makes the information automatically complete, correct and timely. And is saves a lot of work and effort for everybody, while exposing the announcements to the largest possible audience. Everybody wins!

Now, this system is relatively new and it’s not in use much, but that could change quickly and decisively when a couple of coders pick up our challenge.

Calling all Coders!

We’d like to invite coders in our European permaculture community to help with this project. We want to build on the ESS standard and make it easy for all organisations in our network to publish events on their own websites using ESS. We can then configure our website to automatically check the list of those websites for events and compile a comprehensive and accurate calendar of European courses, workshops and other events. This can then serve to generate traffic to the websites of our members and expose a wide audience (of millions of people in Europe) to their wonderful events.

The ESS website provides detailed information for coders to work with. There is an example application for WordPress. So we don’t start from scratch.

Please send us an email if you are interested and able to help us this summer.

Warm regards from your EuPN Communications & Image Team