Alfred Decker’s Teaching Schedule 2019

  • Earth Activist Training (Certified PDC) @ Sieben Linden (Germany), August 10 – 23, with Starhawk
  • PDC @ Silent Green (Berlin, Germany), June 1 – 15, with a big and diverse facilitation team including Declan Kennedy
  • Earth Activism & Social Permaculture @ La Loma Viva and La Bolina (Granada, Spain), September 4 – 11, with Starhawk and members of La Loma Viva and La Bolina
  • Social Permaculture @ Ulex Project (Catalunya, Spain), December 7 – 14
  • Training Permaculture Teachers” (TPT). Rosemary Morrow developed TPT in order to have a multiplier effect in the development of permaculture, with the intention to develop the course in the different European languages by teachers from those countries. The following TPT courses in Europe 2019 are facilitated by Alfred and local teachers:
  • Formation de Facilitation Créative en Permaculture (FFCP). Vous souhaitez désormais transmettre la Permaculture avec professionnalisme et créativité? Voici la formation qu’il vous faut!
    • Belgique @ Château de Velaines (Tournaisis), 10 – 18 Mai, préparée par Rosemary Morrow, Bernard Alonso, Alfred Decker, Bernadette Dufour, Sylvain Eymard, Cécile Berny et Charles Abécassis

Rakesh course line up for 2019

Once again we have an exciting line up of courses around Europe, including 4 PDC’s (South France, South East France, Croatia & Austria), a permaculture teacher training course in London with Graham Bell, an Advanced permaculture course where we design and implement our permaculture design for some land in Spain.

We have a forest garden course in South France; how to make a bike powered generator also in South France.

We also have a very exciting course on how to design spaces that educate children through play in Sheffield, plus other children in permaculture courses as well as a children in permaculture conference.

For youths we have a Youth in Permaculture Youth Exchange in Portugal. Most of the courses are listed here on our development web site and also on facebook.

Permaculture for Refugees

Permaculture for Refugees (P4R) took its first steps right after the European Permaculture Convergence workshop on Permaculture and refugees, in Italy in 2016. The very same people who attended the workshop, facilitated by Rosemary Morrow, and Rosemary herself joined and formed the working core group. We were united in our conviction that permaculture offers integrated and humane responses to the refugee crisis now and in the future, and that we wanted to take this concept further practically:

  1. To refugees in camps because this is where there is some of the worst suffering
  2. To refugees in communities where life is also extremely difficult especially at first.
  3. For refugees returning home to damaged environments and painful memories

These were our basic motivations and direction. We called ourselves LandEd and our overall project Permaculture for Refugees. We all agreed that refugee camps could feasibly become ecovillages….

EUPC 2018 harvest

Following the success of the European Permaculture Convergence in Wicklow earlier this year, Chrisi Blaha has very kindly collated and written up all the information from the event, and this is now published here on the website. You can find the complete EUPC 2018 Harvest report at

From A Distance

Just this month: IPCC report on the dire state of our climate and – perhaps more immediate – the weather forecast for the coming 12 years; a report on the dire state of mammal biodiversity; new images of Earth from the far side of the moon.

The first images of Earth rising behind the horizon of the moon during the Apollo 8 mission around Christmas 1968 gave rise to our modern environmental movement and inspired and informed amongst other things the emergence of permaculture.

What will inspire and inform us now to address the challenges of the collapse of biodiversity – largely on the back of the invention of human agriculture, urbanisation and population explosion – and climate, with unsurprisingly the same root causes. Denying the role of humans, doesn’t make it so. And if we aren’t the cause, we will fix it anyway. Right?

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Call for property to develop permaculture project

From time to time we get requests from lovely permaculture people that are looking for opportunities to make our world a better place – through permaculture. We hope that our network members can help them along. Here is an example.

Hello everybody!

We are Hanna & Felix, two mid-twenties from Germany. Right now, we are traveling through South America in search for some land to start a self-sufficient farm & join the reforestation movement. We have decided to come here after living on a farm in Northern California for one year. Originally, we abandoned our European life in the course of learning enough about the current state of the planet & the crises ahead of us. Being too young to ignore that outlook, we decided we had to fundamentally change our lives & join the efforts to fight the upcoming catastrophe. Hence, we are set to dedicate our time & energy to promoting life in all its forms – permaculture being the perfect tool to work towards a greener & healthier world.

By now, we have to change course in one respect: We have to come back to our home land Europe. We have a group of friends & family who would also join our efforts in case we find a proper piece of land to start with. Hence, we now begin our search, especially in Southern and Eastern Europe.

Our advantage is that we don’t need a “good” piece of land at all. We are looking for the challenge to bring life to a place that is not already abundant of it or even especially suitable. Our aim is to experiment with ways & methods to grow plants in preparation for a future without fossil fuels. We want to start with at least 10 hectares, but the final scale of the project depends on the number of people involved.

Please, if you can help us find a place to begin our journey towards a more beautiful world, get in touch with us.

Thank you so much in advance!

Hanna & Felix

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