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Education Events - BLAST and Educators Gathering

Register for the Permaculture Association (Britain) annual Education Events

Thursday 22nd BLAST project 1 day workshop on blended transformative learning for permaculture educators

Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th Annual Educators Gathering

There has never been a more important time for permaculture education. Systems are stretched, communities separated and children on the back foot in education.
Much has changed this past year. This event will build and strengthen our social connections while we focus on what’s important to educators and learners, demonstration projects and communities. Blended learning tools and technologies, equity, power, inclusion and mental health resilience will be strong themes throughout. And if you can’t attend throughout, all the sessions will remain available to view at your leisure!
This is an English speaking event, but it is for all interested in permaculture education internationally. The topics covered at this event will relate to all forms of education and change making.

Some Key Sessions :
Blended learning (combining the best of online+in-person learning)
Transformative learning for inner and outer change, including learning pathways for educators and learners

Equity in Education | What does it mean during COVID times? With Luiza Oliveira

Gender, Power and the Margins in Permaculture with Suzie Cahn

The role of LAND centres and other learning & demonstration projects

How can permaculture teachers best contribute to responses to the climate and ecological emergency? with Davie Phillip

Accessibility in Permaculture Education Tammi Dalleston and Sarah Spencer

Mental Health First Aid for teachers and events with psychologist Sarah Mcinnis

Through attending these events (which are booked separately for admin reasons) you will help shape the picture building report ‘where permaculture education is now’ produced by the Permaculture Association Britain, and also help shape a ‘training for trainers’ course on blended transformative learning produced by the BLAST project.

You will learn about the outputs from various collaborative European permaculture projects and get an overview of the international education community. There will also be a strong continuous professional development (CPD) focus, with the BLAST 1 day workshop covering educator competencies for transformative and blended learning.
Are these events for me? Whether its one or both of these events, they are for anyone interested in:
  • Improving all forms of permaculture education
  • Teaching anything online or blended (online+in-person) in a competent way
  • Why permaculture IS transformative education
  • Supporting children with permaculture
  • The role of permaculture for climate change
  • Power, privilege and the margins
  • Connecting and collaborating with fellow change makers!
You don’t need to be a teacher to attend. You will have plenty of time to connect, network and share your news – and remember, you will have access to all recorded sessions to limit virtual overload.
Let’s celebrate what we have achieved in this past year, share what we have learnt and look forwards with hope.
Buy your tickets here for
** The BLAST 1 day workshop on blended transformative learning for permaculture.**
** The 3 day Educators Gathering **
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