Autumn 2020

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After some discussion about our yearly nationwide permaculture conference being move to online format, we have decided to simply postpone it for the next year, as the main objective for people to attend is always an in-person contact (which was made impossible by the pandemic). So the conference theme, "Appropriate technologies" is being saved for 2021 (hopefully).

With everything moving online, we are developing lots of content for our newish Permakultura CS youtube channel. We have put some effort towards translation of subtitles for Happen Films' insiring permaculture videos, so non-english-speaking Czechs can enjoy them too. And there are 13 original videos in Czech too.

Our team has been busy with book translations too. 2 czech translations of books with forest garden themes have been published with some crowdfunding help, How to Make a Forest Garden by Patrick Whitefield and Forest gardening in practice by Tomas Remiarz. In connection with there was a succesful crowdfunding campaign to make a documentary about Czech forest gardens, so it's coming out in spring 2021.

Conferences & events

LAND Gathering Denmark - cancelled due to COVID 19

Unfortunately, so many of our courses, gatherings and festivals were cancelled this year due to COVID 19. This newsletter was almost cancelled, but in the end it got published a little later than intended and with a skinny selection of news. Bear with us!

It's time to use our principles of accepting feedback, small steps and integration amongst others, while creating reciliency and regenerative practices.

So, why not experiment with delightful, new kinds of vegetables like asters and ostrich fern. We still have the option of learning from each other in smaller groups and outdoors. Hereunder a visit to "Skovvirke" agroforestry project in Denmark with the association "Orø Fællesjord" - a project to buy land for agroforestry and away from industrial farming.


Courses & Trainings

The 72 hour PDC

Different Places, same topic, different voices … The 72 – hour - Permaculture Design Course (PDC) over 3 extended weekends from July to August this year was organized by Soned e. V. (Southern Networks for Environment and Development), an organization based in Berlin, which focuses on promoting permaculture and networking between initiatives applying permaculture all around the world. Each of …


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