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iLAND Centre Network
The pilot iLAND Network is taking shape with so far 3 aspiring LAND Centre projects having applied in Europe (in Latvia, Bulgaria and Ukraine), 4 across Africa, 1 in Armenia and 1 in Laos. We expect more to apply, to reach our target number of 12 projects in the pilot network, which we will provide more support to and which will help us refine the iLAND systems. We hope to have iLAND project profiles on the iLAND webpages by the end of October. From there we expect the network to expand significantly in Europe and around the world. For more information see: https://www.ipenpermaculture.org/ipen-priorities/iland-demonstration-centres/

Education Resources
A number of additional Case Studies of inspirational projects both in Europe and elsewhere are now available via IPEN’s Resources webpages, that can help provide guidance and inspiration to permaculture projects and organisations in Europe. A number of useful teaching and curriculum guides are also available, including the still highly valuable resources produced by the European Permaculture Teachers (EPT) partnership project - use the filter tool to search the topics at: https://www.ipenpermaculture.org/education-resources/

52 Climate Actions - https://www.52climateactions.com/
The webpages for the 52 Climate Actions project have now been launched. IPEN and other EuPN members were involved throughout and IPEN drafted an outline for community-led Climate Action Training which is available through the website. With various EuPN members, we are aiming to host a number of online events that will share examples of permaculture-led climate action training and engagement activities, including a recent successful pilot that has been run in South Australia.

Ecolise BLAST Project
The 2-year BLAST project is underway to develop, strengthen and support a growing Europe-wide community of practise for community-led transformative blended learning for sustainability and climate action, with several members of the EuPN involved. This will help widen access to tools and a platform for blended learning, that can be used widely by permaculturists across Europe.

EuPN ReLeaP Project
It is hoped that the ReLeaP partnership project, taken forward by the Resources for Action Working Group, and involving 9 EuPN members, will be able to be confirmed by the end of the year. If Erasmus+ funding is approved this will deliver a 2 year ‘Regenerative Leadership Programme’ starting in January 2020 to support the pioneers and leaders in permaculture networks, organisations, projects and teaching across Europe, with the aim that at least 50% of the participants will be under 30 years old. The project will involve a series of physical and online events, and produce a number of good practice guides and resources to stimulate and support the permaculture movement across Europe.

New process for adding events to our calendar

Due to some changes in our team, Volkmar and Leo left, we had to streamline our process of addingt events to our event calendar a little. In the past our calendar was managed by Leo and Cathrine. With Leo gone we need to make sure that Cathrine doesn't have to work more. Our new process is described in our submitting …
If you are interested in joining the communications team, please contact us.

Conferences & events

Join the "European Day of Sustainable Communities" on Sept 21st, 2019!

For the third time the "European Day of Sustainable Communities" (EDSC) will happen on the 3rd weekend of September to promote practical solutions of sustainable and future-oriented actions. This event has been initiated by ECOLISE in 2017 and hopes to include loads of the things that we do in the permaculture network! Since 2018, the German Permakultur Institut e.V. is a regional contact and partner of …
Join the "European Day of Sustainable Communities" on Sept 21st, 2019!

The Swiss Permaculture Academy is born!

It is with great pleasure that we inform you of the birth of the Swiss Permaculture Academy! According to Barbara Garofoli "it was a great co-creation process where everyone gave their best for a common goal. There has been so much cooperation, attention, sensitivity and commitment from everyone, so touching." A special thanks to Massimo Candela and Elisabetta Dallavalle, both …
Photo by Chalinée Sirinok

Courses & Trainings

The Balkan Retreat Permaculture Design Certificate

19/09/2019 - 26/09/2019
Join us for our second PDC this September, where you will find practical knowledge, design, group work in a permaculture garden, much socialising and delicious home-made organic food. This course is led by renowned permaculture designer and teacher Karmela Kiš.
The Balkan Retreat Permaculture Design Certificate

Introduction to Engaging Children in Permaculture courses

In this two day course for parents, teachers and other educators to learn how to engage children in permaculture, participants will learn how the permaculture ethics and principles can be applied to education; discover some great benefits of outdoor learning; learn how to create child-led sessions which engage the whole child: eyes, heart, hands and head; and much more!
28&29 Sep @ Landmatters, Devon, England
5&6 Oct @ the Sustainability Centre, Hampshire, England
5&6 Oct @ LearningInNature, Espoo, Finland
9&10 Nov @ Montrose, Angus, Scotland
and more... watch this space:
More info: http://childreninpermaculture.com/events/
Contact us: cip.info.training@gmail.com

Introduction to Social Permaculture

Introduction to Social Permaculture
21/11/2019 - 24/11/2019
This introduction to social permaculture gives you the opportunity to grow what you want to be and the change you want to see in the world around you. Learn how to use and play with the design web and to apply the ethics and principles of permaculture to your inner landscape. Here at Kosters Trädgårdar the garden is our paradise …

Training Permaculture Teachers Course

05/11/2019 - 12/11/2019, Sweden
Whether you’re already a teacher, or thinking of becoming one, the TPT training is designed to turn teaching into a transformative and fun exchange. Classrooms (indoor and outdoor) will never be the same again! It is required that you have a PDC certificate from any where in the world to join this course. This is a training course designed to …
Training Permaculture Teachers Course

Alfred Decker courses


“Training Permaculture Teachers” (TPT)

Rosemary Morrow developed TPT in order to have a multiplier effect in the development of permaculture, with the intention to develop the course in the different European languages by teachers from those countries. The following TPT courses in Europe 2019 are facilitated by Alfred Decker and local teachers:

– Portugal @ Vale de Lama, October 26-November 1, with Hugo Oliveira and Patricia Pereira
Read More

Sweden @ Kosters Trädgårdar, November 5-12, with Cathrine Dolleris and Helena Von Bothmer. This course is available to PDC holders from any country who want to teach participatory learning methods from Rosemary Morrow’s experience and from the “Permaculture Educators Course”. Read More…

Rakesh course line up for 2019

Once again we have an exciting line up of courses around Europe, including 4 PDC's (South France, South East France, Croatia & Austria), a permaculture teacher training course in London with Graham Bell, an Advanced permaculture course where we design and implement our permaculture design for some land in Spain.

We have a forest garden course in South France; how to make a bike powered generator also in South France.

We also have a very exciting course on how to design spaces that educate children through play in Sheffield, plus other children in permaculture courses as well as a children in permaculture conference.

For youths we have a Youth in Permaculture Youth Exchange in Portugal. Most of the courses are listed here on our development web site and also on facebook.
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Creating your own eco building

25/07-2020 - 1/08-2020
Learn about eco building at our beautiful ecoretreat camp. It combines hands-on building experience, lectures and design exercises to help you create your own eco building: to upgrade an existing structure or to start from scratch - big or small! Be inspired by a multitude of techniques and projects you will see around the Gea Viva site, delve deeply into …
Creating your own eco building
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