History of the EuPCs

Pre 2006

The European Institute was originally based in Steyerberg, Germany and managed by Declan Kennedy.

In 1996 it moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, to the office of Tony Andersen.

2006 – 2016

In 2006 the Institute was converted into The Permaculture Council for Europe.

Since 2006 the council is responsible for the organisation of biannual Permaculture Convergences in Europe.

The European Permaculture Convergences and conferences have been thus:

(taken from: Chaordic Permaculture Institute)

Year Location Title Report
1992 Germany EuPC 1
1994 England EuPC 2
1996 Germany, Prinzhöfte EuPC 3
1998 Slovenia EuPC 4
2000 Czech Republic EuPC 5
2002 Slovakia EuPC 6
2004 Czech Republic EuPC 7
2006 Czech Republic, Brno EuPC 8  report (PDF 5MB)
2008 Czech Republic , Hostetin EuPC 9
2010 Belgium, Nethen EUPC10 report (PDF 844kb)
2012 Germany, Eschenrode EUPC11
2014 Bulgaria, Lake Batak EUPC12
2016 Italy, Bolsena EUPC13


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